Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Shandon Chicken, Happy Chef

We never really considered taking photos of our food in Sydney, but now we're calling Singapore home, Sydney is a trip to a foreign here goes. Its actually Day 5 of our trip, and so far we've eaten a number of favourites, and a new one or two...

Day 1: Chicken & Chips - Georges Hall Takeaway
Day 2: Korean BBQ - Bondi Junction, Pistachio Gelato - Bar Italia Leichardt
Day 3: Chicken Kebabs - Victoria Yeros Marrickville
Day 4: Fruit Flo, New Zealand Natural, BBQ Pork Ribs (New) - Kelly's Bondi Junction
Day 5: Shandon Chicken, Happy Chef Maroubra

So, it took us five days to realise we should be photographing our below is one of our all time favourites.

Shandon Chicken, from a little takeaway around the corner from our apartment in Maroubra. We used to pick this up on the way home from the bus-stop and enjoy it for dinner. Crispy chicken, dried seaweed, and a really nice sauce...yummy!!!


Alan & Hanna
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Sunday, January 14, 2007

Europe - Part 2 - Savoury

This, the second part of our European dining experience includes a couple more memorable dishes from our trip.

This first dish, Steak Tartare, eaten at a little cafe near the Eiffel Tower, is raw beef with Worcestershire sauce and capers. When I ordered the dish, I was expecting a steak...and so was a little surprised when they brought out this lump, which looked a little like it had been brought straight from the fridge. However, it was delicious, and an interesting way to serve beef.

Secondly, a large baked spud, stuffed full of chicken, avocado and mayonnaise. I think this, along with the next photo, is one of THE typical English dishes, and we ate potato three days in a row (and never again) whilst in London. While its very nice, its also amazingly heavy, and we regretted it each time. This was in a cafe called ponti's, nearby Marble Arch (on the way to the Selfridges store!)

When leaving for London, one of the dishes I knew I must try was 'Toad in the hole'. I didn't feel I could admit that I was of English blood until I had tried this dish, and I must say it was quite a treat. Sausage, mashed potato, veggies, gravy and Yorkshire pudding. Very enjoyable...and with a nice English beer, a glass of tea for the lady, what could be better whilst looking out at the Thames, and the pouring rain.

Lastly, Christmas dinner with the family in Slough... Turkey, stuffing, brussel sprouts and other delights... yummy ;)


Hanna & Alan

Europe - Part 1 - Sweet

Sadly, we didn't take many pictures of the food we enjoyed whilst travelling around this christmas. Partly because of the stupidly expensive prices we were paying, the fact that were usually starving by the time we ate, and that the food didn't look that special...But we did manage a few nice meals, and a few photos.

Firstly, our Christmas present from our cousin's in Slough... the photo doesn't give a true indication of the size of this thing, but it was about the size of an A3 page, and just over 1cm thick... we didn't end up eating much of it, but it was very nice...

A selection of sweets and pastries available in a nearby Parisian patisserie... We tried a couple of the selection, which looked delicious, but were slightly disappointing.

Lastly, a view of a London pub through a glass of beer. Can't really see much but it was worth a try.


Alan & Hanna

Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Bu Salim, Ayam Goreng dan Sop Buntut

What you see below has to be the one dish that Hanna and I crave above all others when we visit Semarang. Ayam Goreng, using 'ayam kampung', or village chickens, which have roamed freely and are so much more tasty that caged chickens.

To wash down the chicken a delicious Sop Buntut (ox-tail soup) is just the thing, and its hard to stop at one bowl. There is so much flavour!

And, you find all this at the local warung makan, basically a roadside stall/tent which is only open at night. The very first time I visited Bu Salim, I was a little put off by the surroundings, but the food keeps bringing me back everytime. And its the first place we visit on most of our trips home.

Enak Sekali!!

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Swike, Semarang

Swike...Frog Leg Soup... This is definitely an acquired taste, but once you have eaten it more than once you appreciate the great flavours, and tender meat from the frogs legs.

We usually eat this with deep fried frogs legs, but I was too busy eating to take a photo of these, just imagine a frog's leg, battered and fried, and you'll get the general idea!

Enak Sekali!

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Padang Plus, Semarang

A recent opening in Semarang is 'Padang Plus', a Nasi Padang restaurant-cum-sushi train establishment. Nasi Padang, for those who haven't experienced it is a whole assortment of spicy foods, served in small bowls. What normally happens is when you sit down at the table, the staff bring out 20 or so small bowls and put them on your table. You take what you want, and then pay for what you ate. The rest goes back to the kitchen to be served to the next customer. (I've never thought that this is too hygienic but there you go).

Well, Padang Plus claims to be a more hygienic version of this, by placing the food on a train that goes around the restaurant (sushi style). Whilst I do believe that it is a little more hygienic...its a little worrying for a westerner (and one who's worked in a commercial kitchen) to see the food served at room temperature, going around the room (for god knows how long) and without any covering on it... But, at the end of the day, the food was yummy, and we didn't get who's complaining!

Enak Sekali!!

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Soto Ayam, Semarang

Another favourite, especially for breakfast is Soto Ayam.

Served with deep fried tempe and perkedel (a potato cake) its just delicious!

Enak Sekali!!

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Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Brilliant, Semarang

I thought I would start a series of posts about our holiday in Semarang with a picture of 'Brilliant'.

This is a Semarang cake which can be bought across Indonesia, and is really nice. Its basically just layers of sponge cake with chocolate between them, and almond on top, but its really yummy!

Enak sekali!

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Thursday, October 12, 2006

Lucca, Beijing

I just came back from a couple of days in Beijing, and what would a trip to Beijing be without some local delicacies. Alas, there are not weird dishes here, just nice simple meals which were very delicious.

Firstly we had jellyfish, and salted pork with yellow beans (though these are obviously not yellow).

Following that, we had (and I've forgotten the chinese name) "Four Happy Balls", well, that’s the direct translation. These were pork meat balls the size of tennis balls. Delicious.

Lastly, we struggled through a steamed fish. The fish was so tender that even though my colleague and I were already full, we ate every last morsel.


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Beijing, Part 1

I forgot to take a picture of this restaurant, but it was downstairs from Lucca. The place is named after the soup in the top of this photo. It’s like rice porridge, but a little different.The fried shrimp was delicious, crispy, tasty and spicy!

We accompanied this with some steamed melon (with shrimp), and the porraige (mine was oats, and some sort of large fruit/nut).

And lastly, once again, we topped it off with fish. This time schezuan boiled fish. This dish was my favourite of my trip, the fish was tender, and the soup very spicy.

I'm hungry just thinking about them all! Yum!

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Friday, October 06, 2006

Hito, Amoy Street, China Square Central

Hito has to be one of our favourites of late. Simple, light and delicious kaminabe (paperpot steamboat) and really yummy tori katsu curry!

I had the salmon (pictured below) which we both really enjoy. The whole thing is served in, funnily enough, a paper pot, with a little fire below to keep it really hot. This is great after a session at the gym (which happens to be next door).

It seems half the times we go to have Hito the place is either closed, or about to close (and has run out of curry, but this time we were lucky.

Yum :)

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Saturday, September 30, 2006

Gayatri, Boon Tat Street

Fish-head curry, with vegatable curries, yoghurt, rice and papadams.

This is a Singaporean delicacy, which seems to be one of the most avoided dishes by westerners (and even some locals). Generally, its a very delicious dish (if you ignore the fish eye staring at you).

I thought I better include a little bit of a close up. Its a big fish, with a lot of meat at the neck. My favourite (but not Hanna's) is the cheeks, and around the inside of the jaw!

This restaurant, just around the corner from my office, and about a 10 minute walk from home was until tonight one of our favourites, but it seems the quality at night isn't quite as good as during lunchtime. We have a sneaking suspicion that the fish may have been frozen... it just wasn't as nice as normal.

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Saturday, September 23, 2006

Mei Heong Yuan Desserts, Chinatown

This represents the first of hopefully many posts of the food we're enjoying here in Singapore and around Asia. Its an opportunity to share our favourite food experiences, as well as a good excuse to use our camera.

This first one comes from Mei Heong Yuan, in Temple Street. Its always packed, and we've wanted to try the local deserts for ages.

(Its the little place in the front left corner of this picture)

Clockwise from top, Mango, Pomelo and Sago pudding, Walnut pasts, Black Sesame paste, and in the centre, Yam cakes. Total price S$8.

Yum :)

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