Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Padang Plus, Semarang

A recent opening in Semarang is 'Padang Plus', a Nasi Padang restaurant-cum-sushi train establishment. Nasi Padang, for those who haven't experienced it is a whole assortment of spicy foods, served in small bowls. What normally happens is when you sit down at the table, the staff bring out 20 or so small bowls and put them on your table. You take what you want, and then pay for what you ate. The rest goes back to the kitchen to be served to the next customer. (I've never thought that this is too hygienic but there you go).

Well, Padang Plus claims to be a more hygienic version of this, by placing the food on a train that goes around the restaurant (sushi style). Whilst I do believe that it is a little more hygienic...its a little worrying for a westerner (and one who's worked in a commercial kitchen) to see the food served at room temperature, going around the room (for god knows how long) and without any covering on it... But, at the end of the day, the food was yummy, and we didn't get who's complaining!

Enak Sekali!!

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