Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Bu Salim, Ayam Goreng dan Sop Buntut

What you see below has to be the one dish that Hanna and I crave above all others when we visit Semarang. Ayam Goreng, using 'ayam kampung', or village chickens, which have roamed freely and are so much more tasty that caged chickens.

To wash down the chicken a delicious Sop Buntut (ox-tail soup) is just the thing, and its hard to stop at one bowl. There is so much flavour!

And, you find all this at the local warung makan, basically a roadside stall/tent which is only open at night. The very first time I visited Bu Salim, I was a little put off by the surroundings, but the food keeps bringing me back everytime. And its the first place we visit on most of our trips home.

Enak Sekali!!

Alan & Hanna :-) Posted by Picasa

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