Sunday, January 14, 2007

Europe - Part 1 - Sweet

Sadly, we didn't take many pictures of the food we enjoyed whilst travelling around this christmas. Partly because of the stupidly expensive prices we were paying, the fact that were usually starving by the time we ate, and that the food didn't look that special...But we did manage a few nice meals, and a few photos.

Firstly, our Christmas present from our cousin's in Slough... the photo doesn't give a true indication of the size of this thing, but it was about the size of an A3 page, and just over 1cm thick... we didn't end up eating much of it, but it was very nice...

A selection of sweets and pastries available in a nearby Parisian patisserie... We tried a couple of the selection, which looked delicious, but were slightly disappointing.

Lastly, a view of a London pub through a glass of beer. Can't really see much but it was worth a try.


Alan & Hanna