Sunday, January 14, 2007

Europe - Part 2 - Savoury

This, the second part of our European dining experience includes a couple more memorable dishes from our trip.

This first dish, Steak Tartare, eaten at a little cafe near the Eiffel Tower, is raw beef with Worcestershire sauce and capers. When I ordered the dish, I was expecting a steak...and so was a little surprised when they brought out this lump, which looked a little like it had been brought straight from the fridge. However, it was delicious, and an interesting way to serve beef.

Secondly, a large baked spud, stuffed full of chicken, avocado and mayonnaise. I think this, along with the next photo, is one of THE typical English dishes, and we ate potato three days in a row (and never again) whilst in London. While its very nice, its also amazingly heavy, and we regretted it each time. This was in a cafe called ponti's, nearby Marble Arch (on the way to the Selfridges store!)

When leaving for London, one of the dishes I knew I must try was 'Toad in the hole'. I didn't feel I could admit that I was of English blood until I had tried this dish, and I must say it was quite a treat. Sausage, mashed potato, veggies, gravy and Yorkshire pudding. Very enjoyable...and with a nice English beer, a glass of tea for the lady, what could be better whilst looking out at the Thames, and the pouring rain.

Lastly, Christmas dinner with the family in Slough... Turkey, stuffing, brussel sprouts and other delights... yummy ;)


Hanna & Alan

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